About us

Oliver Management Services, Inc., based in Duluth, Minnesota, was founded in 1974 when Kent and Debra Oliver started managing their first property. Oliver Management Services began developing, constructing and managing apartment complexes primarily in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Currently the family business is continuing to add acquisitions to the portfolio and geographic expansion is managed by the second generation.

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We are passionate about taking care of you

Oliver Management Services has over 40 years of experience in developing and managing commercial real estate, market rate, Section 8 elderly and family, section 42 (tax credit), and USDA Rural Development housing projects.

What Our Customers Are Saying:

“A great family owned and family-friendly place to work and live with solid, safe, clean, and secure apartment buildings and rental properties. Oliver Management caters to everyone from market rate clients, subsidized, disabled and elderly. Oliver Management has been in business 45 years and is locally owned and operated.”

Maintenance and repairs

We partner with SOBO Building Services for maintenance and repairs.

24/7 Emergency services

We are prepared if something goes wrong or someone is in need of assistance.

Tenant Relationships

We build relationships with our tenants, as we continue to offer reliable services.